The USA has many accredited universities that are known worldwide. Studying here would ensure excellent career opportunities and good professional growth. Another advantage of pursuing a Master’s program in the US is that it allows you to take up on-campus jobs along with your coursework so that you can earn sufficiently to meet your living expenses.

Document Required-

• Passport
• Civil id
• Photo (digital & hard copy)
• Form i-20 (signed original)
• Printed ds-160 page
• Printed i-901 service fee confirmation page
• Visa application fee payment receipt
• Travel history (5 years)
• Resume
• Statement of purpose
• Travel itinerary
• Official transcripts, degree certificate & mark sheets
• Proof of language test required by the school
• Proof of funds
• Sponsorship letter from parents or bank for the financial support
• Intent to depart the USA upon completing the course duration

Why choose The USA?

• Academic excellence.
The United States has one of the world’s finest university systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields.
• Flexible education system.
You can study the subjects that interest you and have access to a variety of courses. You can also study different fields at the same time if you need.
• Excellent support for international students.
American universities assist international students by conducting regular orientation programs, workshops, and training to offer assistance.
• World-renowned academics.
Universities in the USA are renowned and their certification is recognized all over the globe.
• Career opportunities.
International students in the USA can work a job on campus up to 20 hours a week.
• Use of technology.
Universities in the USA always follow the modern method of practical teaching and training to subsequently prosper in their respective field.
• Help and support international students.
USA connects international students to programs that allow them to work while earning a degree in the US.

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