When you study in Australia, you have the opportunity to pursue an outstanding education from a renowned institution.
If you are going to study in Australia for a longer period you will need to apply for a student visa. Here we guide you through the application process step by step.

Portugal Golden Visa | RCP
  • Meet the study requirement.
  • Meet language requirement
  • Have a genuine temporary (GTE Statement)
  • Have adequate health insurance.
  • Meet health requirements.
  • Evidence you have enough money for your stay.
  • Identity Documents.

How Long Can You Stay
Temporary visa to study for up to 05 years. The type of course and its length will determine the length to stay.
Include Family
You can include family members when you lodge your visa application. For a student visa, your family members are:
Your partner, or
You or your partner’s dependent child who is unmarried and has not turned 18 years of age.

Fact about studying in Australia
1. Did you know, that Australia has six of the world’s top 100 universities?
Our education institution may be relatively young compared with universities such as the UK’s Oxford or the US’s Harvard but they are up there with the best.
2. One of the best higher education systems in the world.
Australia has an outstanding higher education system. With over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, our system is ranked 8th as compared to higher than France, Germany, Norway, and Japan.
3. Student experience and Graduate outcomes?
International students report almost 90% satisfaction scores for their living and study experience in Australia.
4. Seven best student cities in the world are in Australia.
Cities were a great place to live and study but now it’s official.
5. Australian Government has invested more than $300 Million in scholarships for international students.
Australia has drafted over 3000 award scholarships and short courses to students from over 55 Countries.

Process Flow