Australian immigration Consultants in Kuwait

Australia’s Permanent Migration Program is carefully designed to achieve a range of economic and social outcomes that meet Australia’s needs.

The Permanent Migration Program is planned annually, with program settings announced as part of the Federal Budget each year.

The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) undertakes comprehensive consultation to inform the size and composition of the Migration Program each year, including advice from States and Territories, Government agencies, industry, academia, and the public.

Skill Stream – Visa Categories
Skilled Independent Addresses Australia’s long-term labor market need by expanding its human capital through young, highly skilled migrants with advanced English language proficiency.
State/Territory Nominated Supports labor market needs by providing skilled migration specifically for states and territories.
Business Innovation and Investment Program Encouraged economic activity by increasing entrepreneurial talent and diversifying business expertise in Australia.
Distinguished Talent Benefits in Australia by attracting individuals who have an internally recognized record of exceptional achievement in a profession, a sport, the art, academia, and research.
Family Stream – Visa Categories
Partner Allows Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealanders to sponsor their partner to live in Australia. This is the largest category in the Family stream.
Parent Allow Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealanders to sponsor their parents to live in Australia.

  • Age
  • Visa Subclass
  • English language
  • Overseas Work Experience
  • Australian Work Experience
  • Educational Qualification
  • Australian Education Qualification
  • Specialist Education Qualification
  • Accredited Community Language
  • Partner Qualification
  • Professional Year in Australia


• Live and work in Australia.
• Free medical care for you and your family members.
• Free education for Children.
• Unrestricted travel rights.
• Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.
• Apply for bank loans to buy property.
• Unrestricted study rights in Australia.
• Social Security payments. (Example: getting paid by Govt. if you lose your job, get paid to raise your children)
• Easy access to other developed countries like Canada, the USA, and New Zealand.
• Sponsor other people for permanent resident visas.


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