from €250,000

from €350,000

6 - 8 Months

€1 Million

Portugal Citizenship

Real estate is the most popular option. Buying real estate in Portugal, the investor gets a residence permit for the whole family, including children under 26. You do not need to study the language or the history of the state, and there are no obligations of permanent domicile.

Investment Option
• Purchase of any property in Portugal. Investors need to own a property for at least 5 years.
• From €350,000 Investment in real estate in Portugal, which requires renovation and was built over 30 years ago in areas of cultural and historical heritage.
• Purchase of shares of Portuguese companies for at least €1 million.
• Investments in scientific research for at least €350,000.
• Investments in the restoration and preservation of national cultural heritage minimum of €250,000.
• Acquisition of shares in investment funds of at least €500,000.

Portugal Golden Visa | RCP
  • The applicant must be 18 years above and have a clean criminal record.
  • The applicant must undergo a medical examination, due diligence verification.
  • The applicant must choose any one investment option.
  • The applicant must spend at least 7 days in a year in Portugal.
  • Children aged 0-30 who are financially dependent on their parents; or
  • Children, aged 31 and over who are unmarried and living with (and fully supported by) the Principal Applicant or
  • Parents of the Principal Applicant or Spouse, if they are above 65 years of age and financially dependent on the Principal Applicant; or
  • A future Spouse and/or Future children of a dependent child.

Process Flow